September 26, 2018


Protecting the undercarriage of any vehicle is very important. There are many parts that are sensitive that the grime and dirt can build upon and cause them to get damaged over time. The mud flap is a much-needed investment for anyone that drives a vehicle.

When tires are rotating on the road there can be many objects flying into the air and tossed out when ran over. It could be rocks, sticks, mud or any debris that the tire catches and flings into the air. This debris could easily hit people walking by or other vehicles and cause unwanted damage. A mud flap, when properly installed, will help keep these objects from flinging in the air and causing damage.

The mud flap offers different sizes depending upon what kind of vehicle it will be placed on. If it will be going on a truck, then it will look like a good size sheet that is rectangular in shape and will go behind the tires. If the mud flap is going on a car then it could be lips that are molded and go at the rear of the wheel wells. Not only will mud flaps keep out unwanted debris, but the different shapes help with improving lower drag and airflow.

Usually, mud flaps are just a plain dark grey or black. Many companies like to use them as a way of advertising their company name or adding colorful catchy art that will draw the attention of other drivers. For guys there is a silhouette of a woman, usually called a mudflap girl.


Modernized mud flaps now offer slats that are ventilated or sleek louvers that are engineered to help increase fuel efficiency, airflow, side spray reduction, and decrease drag.

Drag in semi-trailers has always been a big problem until the technology of supercomputing was introduced. Now there are vast improvements with the issue of semi-trailers.

For the automobiles that are known for high performance, there is the optimized mud flaps that are modernized. When cars are racing around a track the tires become extremely hot which will cause major issues. By putting a mud flap on the vehicle, the tires are able to stay cool because of the airflow mixed with water being re-circulated in the fender well. This not only cools the brakes and tires but aids in helping the performance of the car racing around the track.

A mud flap is a must have

Mud flaps no longer just are for the semis, they can now go on cars, all size trucks and even an SUV. A simple installation of a mud flap will help protect an undercarriage from unnecessary damage and corrosion.

They are many different objects that can be found sitting on the road just waiting to be sucked up by the tires and flung back out in a flash of an eye. From water to tiny rocks they will no longer be a hazard thanks to the mud flaps on the vehicle.

Vehicle protection has never been easier

Mud flaps are a cheap investment for any vehicle on the road and can look snazzy while keeping unwanted expenses from creeping into the wallet. Maintenance of this accessory is hassle-free and aids in keeping the vehicle in shape. Corrosion will no longer be knocking at the door ready to attack the frame of the vehicle. Paint chips will rarely happen when the tires fling rocks.

Not everyone will agree with putting mud flaps on the vehicle, but anyone that has them agrees they are an inexpensive awesome accessory that helps protect tires and wheel wells.

Off-roading kicks debris

When off-roading anything can appear since the road conditions are rugged and more challenging. By having the proper mud flaps on the vehicle, the only challenge will be keeping the vehicle from getting stuck.

How mud flaps work

When gravel trucks travel down roads they drop rocks and mud. This can build up on the roads and when running over the debris slings into the air then hits with such force, the damage is done immediately. Instead of taking chances to insert mud flaps for added protection!