October 04, 2018

Open-Box automotive parts mean? 

When purchasing automotive parts, they could look new, but if the part was a demo or a return then it can no longer be considered new. It is a way of purchasing something that appears new for less money.


Automotive Manufacturing

Out of all the companies that manufacture different items, automotive manufacturing is the largest one. This means there are a lot of salvage yards popping up in order to take advantage of all the different car parts and automotive parts stock lifts that are available for resale. Think about it, when a car is wrecked there are many open box automotive parts that can be salvaged and sold online or in a salvage yard. When cars break down and people want to save money they call salvage yards for a good deal on an OEM part.


Advantages of Used Parts:

When something on a vehicle breaks there is the option of going to the dealership and purchasing new or shopping around for a gently used part and possibly saving up to 80% on the original price. If money is tight it makes sense to purchase open box automotive parts at a fraction of the price of new.



When people have older cars, it becomes even harder to locate parts. A quick search online can easily find the addresses of local businesses that have the hard to find part in stock. Sometimes open box automotive parts may need to come from another state. In this case, a simple phone call or a few clicks of the mouse, can result in the part arriving at your address within days. One thing to pay close attention to when purchasing online is the picture. Sometimes the picture can be totally different than the part. Always verify the part by making a quick call to the business selling it.


Identify Parts

Every part on a vehicle is matched to the vehicle’s identification number located on the dash. Rather than searching online or walking into a spare-parts store, the first thing they will ask for is the VIN of the vehicle. Without the number, the odds of purchasing the wrong engine, transmission, rear end or even automotive parts stock lifts are extremely high. There is also a number on each part that helps with easy identification when looking to replace it.



When purchasing automotive parts, there is nothing worse than getting home to discover the wrong part has been delivered. For this reason, it’s always worth asking if the part comes with a warranty so that you can return it and be refunded. If there is no warranty, then the money is wasted, and the part will have to be tossed. You could also attempt to sell the part on websites like ebay but the chances of selling it are low.


Painted Parts

Some automotive body parts like fenders, hoods and doors are painted while the vehicle is being assembled. If looking for a particular color of part, it is recommended to open the driver’s door and look at the door jam tag. There is a lot of information on the sticker such as the color of the interior, exterior and the recommended tyre pressure.

When looking for automotive parts stock lifts, always start with a local salvage yard for parts and then search online.